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Revolt: Kindle App or Device

Click on the Revolt, cover image below to go directly to the Kindle page! Took me a while to figure out that image link, so please enjoy it responsibly.   Also, I finally updated my Author’s page on Amazon. Pending verification, it should be pretty cool from now on. With multiple titles comes great responsibility. If you… Read More


Revolt: Paperback Copies are officially live on Amazon(Prime)! Chosen 2: Let’s get even weirder.

CLICK ON REVOLT, cover image below to go directly to its Amazon page! The next 360 pages of the Chosen Novels Saga: it comes full circle. EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Kenneth Salikof my Editor, Thomas Booth my Cover Artist (www.tomwilltell.com), and my younger brother, Malcolm Paulino for Executive Producing.    

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