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Re-Mastered Chosen

So excited for this one, almost 3 years after its original publication, I’m excited to bring you what you helped me create. Chosen Re-Mastered is just about ready, I hope you’re excited, stay tuned. #Kickstarter #FullyFunded


My all new Amazon Author’s page!

Better late than never:   Click below, and be Chosen:  


Revolt: Kindle App or Device

Click on the Revolt, cover image below to go directly to the Kindle page! Took me a while to figure out that image link, so please enjoy it responsibly.   Also, I finally updated my Author’s page on Amazon. Pending verification, it should be pretty cool from now on. With multiple titles comes great responsibility. If you… Read More


Revolt: Paperback Copies are officially live on Amazon(Prime)! Chosen 2: Let’s get even weirder.

CLICK ON REVOLT, cover image below to go directly to its Amazon page! The next 360 pages of the Chosen Novels Saga: it comes full circle. EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Kenneth Salikof my Editor, Thomas Booth my Cover Artist (www.tomwilltell.com), and my younger brother, Malcolm Paulino for Executive Producing.    


OFFICIAL: REVOLT, COVER ART! The 2nd Chapter arrives NEXT WEEK! Pick up Chosen, the original!


It just takes, that one person, to believe in you.


Half of Julie, and my adoration of Hugh Howey

It’s so humbling to receive a great compliment from someone you truly respect at the deepest level, and international best-selling author Hugh Howey, blew me away with this compliment about my entry to his Fan Fiction contest through Booktrack.com. First of all, thank you to Hugh, and Booktrack for making this a free contest. All I have… Read More


Ready to Revolt

Before Diddy threw up his Revolt TV a crazy writer in LA feverishly worked on his second novel for as long as he could before reality smacked him in the face. Ray Bradbury said it best: stay drunk on writing so reality does not destroy you. No other quote symbolizes my life as an aspiring… Read More


The rise of the Chosen.

This is a long time coming, yes I’m finally updating my blog for the 6 month anniversary of the self-publishing of Chosen and it’s about time I thanked all of you who purchased Chosen and reviewed it on Amazon, Good Reads and B&N.com. Chosen has over 30 reviews and most of the them are Five… Read More

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