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Jason was born in Harlem Hospital and raised in the Inwood section of uptown Manhattan, a mostly immigrant, spanish-speaking Latino neighborhood. He’s the son of Dominican immigrants who came to New York City in the late seventies and early eighties.

Early on, Jason was recognized for his achievements as an artist. At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs elementary school he graduated with special honors in Creative Writing. In high school Jason developed a new love, the stage and theatre. Being a shy youth, Jason credits a chance encounter for first joining his school’s “Player’s Club.” Jason recalls, “At the all boys All Hallows High School in the South Bronx, I remember standing near the lobby about to exit and a file of five pretty Catholic school girls walked into the building to audition for our upcoming school play. I followed them, signed up and we performed Shakespeare’s Scottish Play that year. I played Lady MacBeth’s doctor.” Jason graduated All Hallows Drama Club President.

Jason continued his studies in Upstate, NY at Hamilton College. Once again, his natural inclinations brought him back to Creative Writing and Theater. His focus was acting but his seminal influences remained classic playwrights and novelists. Jason lists a long line of influences including “Artists like Shakespeare, Brecht, August Wilson, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Mark Twain, Steinbeck, Robert Matherson, Jules Verne, etc. are the reasons I’m a writer today.” Jason’s mission in life is to strive to be the best storyteller he can become but to never be satisfied, to keep on learning. After graduating Hamilton with his BA in Theatre, he moved back to New York City for two years before making the big jump West.

Today, Jason lives in Venice, California and has lived in LA now over 3 years. Today his portfolio, includes an array of different projects including several screen plays, TV pilots and just recently completing his first novel Young Adult’s Science Fiction Novel Chosen.

Jason would like to first and foremost thank his family for their support. “An extra special thank you to my parents for fighting for my education. For my mother Yolanda and her many sacrifices for me throughout my life. This is for the architect, the man who made it all possible, my father Ramon Paulino. He was the mad genius who will never be forgotten. His encouragement and support are the reasons I am who I am today. Thank You Momon.”

Stay tuned for Jason Paulino’s latest developments! He appreciates your support. Follow him @JPaulino1211 and @ChosenNovels.

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