Half of Julie, and my adoration of Hugh Howey



It’s so humbling to receive a great compliment from someone you truly respect at the deepest level, and international best-selling author Hugh Howey, blew me away with this compliment about my entry to his Fan Fiction contest through Booktrack.com. First of all, thank you to Hugh, and Booktrack for making this a free contest. All I have are my books, and not hitting me with an entry fee is so appreciated. If you haven’t read the Wool Series or Sand by Hugh Howey, then you know NOTHING Jon Snow (RIP Ygrette but you had it coming)

The best part of this blurb is that Hugh’s stock is just going to keep rising for a long time. He’s a freak-genius storyteller, yes and maybe he works really hard at it too. I think even if I become an international best-seller, I’ll still use this quote on everything I’ll ever publish.   So congrats, Hugh. You’re stuck with me.

If you really, really want to understand my little 5k word story you need to read Hugh’s Half Way Home novel.

I really would appreciate it if you’d check it out! The app and story are free. PLUS, Booktrack lays a soundtrack I mixed over my story. It’s gotten some great feedback, but I’d like to know what you think!

Do, it!





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