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Before Diddy threw up his Revolt TV a crazy writer in LA feverishly worked on his second novel for as long as he could before reality smacked him in the face. Ray Bradbury said it best: stay drunk on writing so reality does not destroy you. No other quote symbolizes my life as an aspiring writer more. It’s tough, so stay strong on your own crazy. Read some Puzo and learn about his struggles. I find strength from the great literary minds of the past and reflect on their struggles and accomplishments.

Today I finished the first draft of my second novel Revolt of the Chosen Novels Series!

I wrote most of it in Venice, California on a beat up old mattress. I lived off Abbott Kinney and would walk down to the beach for air. I met so many great characters in LA. After publishing Chosen last year in April moved on immediately and re-read the 65k words I had for Revolt and it sits at over 93,000 words today. Revolt is shorter than Chosen but it’s a revealing installment. I am very excited for you to read Revolt. I spent most of 2013 reading others and I think my writing reflects.

You tell me! So for the 1 year anniversary of Chosen, I am proud to announce the upcoming release of Revolt!

April 2014:

NO one is safe from my wrath:)

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