A Dollar and a dream.


I recently sold out and dropped the price of my e-book (permanently) to .99 cents. This is a controversial move for an independent author. Some say it’s too low. It took me 6 months to crumble under the pressure but I was convinced by a friend currently at Goldman Sachs who previously worked for an e-book publisher. This isn’t about the money. For an unknown author it seems like the Hugh Howey model of practically giving it away adds to your notoriety and exposure. Well, that is of course if your novel is any good and it helps increase positive press and word of mouth excitement for your work. This is a contact sport and I’m ready to do some hitting. Chosen is the root of my opus, at over 167,000 words (500 pages) it’s been quite a challenge getting much professional support (Editor, Agent, Mainstream Publisher). “It’s way too long for a first time novelist” is all I’ve heard. I think it’s as long as it needed to be but my opinion is obviously biased.

Someday Chosen will be appreciated for its ambition and scope(plus it’s really a great story). It’s all my own, award-winning and with a professional editor someday it will shine bright like a diamond(sorry Rhianna for stealing that). Without all the glamour it already has over 30 five star reviews on Amazon! I personally prefer longer (good) novels. I mean Chosen is supposed to be the YA, Sci-Fi A Game of Thrones (I’m serious, stop laughing). For commercial purposes I’m going to give them what they want next with the less than a 100k word follow-up to Chosen….Revolt. I plan to release the sequel around the one year anniversary of the self-publishing of Chosen in April 2014.

I can feel your excitement already and it truly thrills me! Thank you, to all of you that have invested time, energy, and money in my wild dreams. You are Chosen and loved by me.

Check out ChosenNovels.com!

Bonus question: Did Fukajima ruin the West Coast? That would be a total bummer.

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