The rise of the Chosen.


This is a long time coming, yes I’m finally updating my blog for the 6 month anniversary of the self-publishing of Chosen and it’s about time I thanked all of you who purchased Chosen and reviewed it on Amazon, Good Reads and B& Chosen has over 30 reviews and most of the them are Five Stars! Thank you all so much for taking out the time to say anything. I welcome all opinions.

This is a beautiful world we live in and any day above ground has to be appreciated. I never thought I could write a novel until I sat down and finished. For me this is all just the beginning. My only concern is making sure that Revolt is an even better story than Chosen. The 4 part Saga is coming along nicely. I have over 70 chapters and over 70 chapter of Revolt already written. I’m in talks with a major science fiction publisher and Hollywood film financier. Keep believing in Chosen. The Giants finally won last night and it’ll all be smooth sailing from here. No, even I don’t believe that.

I promise to blog more often and bitch about the bitchable and love the lovable.

My last pitch: Check out and learn more about Chosen. It’s an award-winning science fiction saga that’s deeply personal as you get to live inside each character’s thoughts. You can enjoy this book as a teenager or as an adult. It’s about surviving the unlikely and believing in yourself. Also remember if you have a Kindle or Nook: the Chosen e-book is $3. It’s a 500 page novel. You can’t beat that exchange rate even in Canada.

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