Chosen is a Young Adult’s Science Fiction Adventure which follows the lives of three teenagers and their transformation from sixteen year old high school students to intergalactic gladiators. Mike, Leo, and Charlie are three very different people, living very separate lives. When Dionysus arrives from the black of space we quickly realize that this is no accident and everything changes. The Earth and humanity have been Chosen. Follow along as you live through each character. The extraterrestrials quickly invade and the Chosen are snatched away and then transported to Dionysus.  Even more disturbing everyone on Earth and Dionysus gets to watch their plight. Follow along with the harsh training on Dionysus and the peril left behind on Earth. For our invaders, it’s unmatched entertainment; for us, it becomes an unavoidable obsession. All we can do is watch and wait…

This is a story about love, courage, perseverance and cooperation in the face of despair.

Prepare for a high flying, heart pounding, fast moving narrative. No one is safe – prepare to be CHOSEN.

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