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Revolt: Kindle App or Device

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Took me a while to figure out that image link, so please enjoy it responsibly.


Also, I finally updated my Author’s page on Amazon. Pending verification, it should be pretty cool from now on. With multiple titles comes great responsibility.

If you haven’t read Chosen, Revolt isn’t nearly as much fun. Kind of like trying to pick up Game of Thrones, starting with Season 2.

For .99 cents, enjoy the spirited original!, or:, B&, Google Play

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.



Revolt: Paperback Copies are officially live on Amazon(Prime)! Chosen 2: Let’s get even weirder.

CLICK ON REVOLT, cover image below to go directly to its Amazon page!

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.

The next 360 pages of the Chosen Novels Saga: it comes full circle.

EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Kenneth Salikof my Editor, Thomas Booth my Cover Artist (, and my younger brother, Malcolm Paulino for Executive Producing.




OFFICIAL: REVOLT, COVER ART! The 2nd Chapter arrives NEXT WEEK! Pick up Chosen, the original!

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.

Book 2 of the Chosen Novels Series.


It just takes, that one person, to believe in you.



Half of Julie, and my adoration of Hugh Howey


It’s so humbling to receive a great compliment from someone you truly respect at the deepest level, and international best-selling author Hugh Howey, blew me away with this compliment about my entry to his Fan Fiction contest through First of all, thank you to Hugh, and Booktrack for making this a free contest. All I have are my books, and not hitting me with an entry fee is so appreciated. If you haven’t read the Wool Series or Sand by Hugh Howey, then you know NOTHING Jon Snow (RIP Ygrette but you had it coming)

The best part of this blurb is that Hugh’s stock is just going to keep rising for a long time. He’s a freak-genius storyteller, yes and maybe he works really hard at it too. I think even if I become an international best-seller, I’ll still use this quote on everything I’ll ever publish.   So congrats, Hugh. You’re stuck with me.

If you really, really want to understand my little 5k word story you need to read Hugh’s Half Way Home novel.

I really would appreciate it if you’d check it out! The app and story are free. PLUS, Booktrack lays a soundtrack I mixed over my story. It’s gotten some great feedback, but I’d like to know what you think!

Do, it!




Ready to Revolt

Before Diddy threw up his Revolt TV a crazy writer in LA feverishly worked on his second novel for as long as he could before reality smacked him in the face. Ray Bradbury said it best: stay drunk on writing so reality does not destroy you. No other quote symbolizes my life as an aspiring writer more. It’s tough, so stay strong on your own crazy. Read some Puzo and learn about his struggles. I find strength from the great literary minds of the past and reflect on their struggles and accomplishments.

Today I finished the first draft of my second novel Revolt of the Chosen Novels Series!

I wrote most of it in Venice, California on a beat up old mattress. I lived off Abbott Kinney and would walk down to the beach for air. I met so many great characters in LA. After publishing Chosen last year in April moved on immediately and re-read the 65k words I had for Revolt and it sits at over 93,000 words today. Revolt is shorter than Chosen but it’s a revealing installment. I am very excited for you to read Revolt. I spent most of 2013 reading others and I think my writing reflects.

You tell me! So for the 1 year anniversary of Chosen, I am proud to announce the upcoming release of Revolt!

April 2014:

NO one is safe from my wrath:)


A Dollar and a dream.

I recently sold out and dropped the price of my e-book (permanently) to .99 cents. This is a controversial move for an independent author. Some say it’s too low. It took me 6 months to crumble under the pressure but I was convinced by a friend currently at Goldman Sachs who previously worked for an e-book publisher. This isn’t about the money. For an unknown author it seems like the Hugh Howey model of practically giving it away adds to your notoriety and exposure. Well, that is of course if your novel is any good and it helps increase positive press and word of mouth excitement for your work. This is a contact sport and I’m ready to do some hitting. Chosen is the root of my opus, at over 167,000 words (500 pages) it’s been quite a challenge getting much professional support (Editor, Agent, Mainstream Publisher). “It’s way too long for a first time novelist” is all I’ve heard. I think it’s as long as it needed to be but my opinion is obviously biased.

Someday Chosen will be appreciated for its ambition and scope(plus it’s really a great story). It’s all my own, award-winning and with a professional editor someday it will shine bright like a diamond(sorry Rhianna for stealing that). Without all the glamour it already has over 30 five star reviews on Amazon! I personally prefer longer (good) novels. I mean Chosen is supposed to be the YA, Sci-Fi A Game of Thrones (I’m serious, stop laughing). For commercial purposes I’m going to give them what they want next with the less than a 100k word follow-up to Chosen….Revolt. I plan to release the sequel around the one year anniversary of the self-publishing of Chosen in April 2014.

I can feel your excitement already and it truly thrills me! Thank you, to all of you that have invested time, energy, and money in my wild dreams. You are Chosen and loved by me.

Check out!

Bonus question: Did Fukajima ruin the West Coast? That would be a total bummer.


The rise of the Chosen.

This is a long time coming, yes I’m finally updating my blog for the 6 month anniversary of the self-publishing of Chosen and it’s about time I thanked all of you who purchased Chosen and reviewed it on Amazon, Good Reads and B& Chosen has over 30 reviews and most of the them are Five Stars! Thank you all so much for taking out the time to say anything. I welcome all opinions.

This is a beautiful world we live in and any day above ground has to be appreciated. I never thought I could write a novel until I sat down and finished. For me this is all just the beginning. My only concern is making sure that Revolt is an even better story than Chosen. The 4 part Saga is coming along nicely. I have over 70 chapters and over 70 chapter of Revolt already written. I’m in talks with a major science fiction publisher and Hollywood film financier. Keep believing in Chosen. The Giants finally won last night and it’ll all be smooth sailing from here. No, even I don’t believe that.

I promise to blog more often and bitch about the bitchable and love the lovable.

My last pitch: Check out and learn more about Chosen. It’s an award-winning science fiction saga that’s deeply personal as you get to live inside each character’s thoughts. You can enjoy this book as a teenager or as an adult. It’s about surviving the unlikely and believing in yourself. Also remember if you have a Kindle or Nook: the Chosen e-book is $3. It’s a 500 page novel. You can’t beat that exchange rate even in Canada.


The story that moved you

I’ve been fascinated with story telling through one medium or another my entire life. My father was a dreamer, movies and books were his life and at an early age they became rooted in my consciousness. I to this day can name the first movie and novel that moved me to tears.

The movie was Forrest Gump, and when Forrest breaks down at Jenny’s grave I cried with him. Not only was the film that powerful, it was a coming of age for me because at the time I was only 11 or so years old, watching the film opening weekend in the theater. Then and there I knew the power of a great story – a simple story, told like a fairytale.

The novel that first made me weep in grade school with John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. If you can hold it together for that ending your an emotionally stronger person than me. I threw the thin novel down not believing the cruel irony of life and the duplicity of friendship.

In each of these creative instances we are transported to simpler times but the complexities and conflicts of life remain the same. Struggles with truth and society. The individual verses the collective. Poverty versus the opulence. The never ending, never resolved conflicts of life. By stepping away and experiencing life through these different characters, we somewhere come to the notion that we aren’t that different. We function through a very similar lens although our circumstances can be very different from person to person. Story telling threads our innate similarities.

I am convinced that there are two seminal emotions guiding all our actions; love and fear. All other states are born from these two extremes. A good story teller understands motivation and more importantly a good story teller understands conflict. Every good story swirls fiercely with fluctuating levels conflict.

To all the aspiring story tellers out there, what are the stories that have moved you to tears in your life, what stories made you want to become an artist yourself?

Next time I’ll be discussing the late Stieg Larson’s Millenium series better known as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

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